4 Reasons Why Workplace Fire Safety Training Is Vital


Whether you work in an office or on-site, we’ve all had to undertake one of those seemingly arbitrary fire drills at some point in time. But workplace fire safety should involve far more than just exiting a building in uniform lines, following someone in a hi-vis vest and waiting for the alarm to stop.

As specialists in commercial fire safety, we’ve got four reasons why workplace fire safety training is vital to business fire safety.


1. Commercial Fire Training Helps Prevent Fires

It goes without saying that preventing a fire is far more preferable than fighting one. At Betta Fire Protection, we follow the ethos that prevention is always better than a cure, which is why commercial fire training is so crucial.

Commercial fire safety training educates workers on how to effectively prevent fires from occurring. If staff are adequately prepared to prevent fires from the get go, they are going to be able to reduce the risk of a fire from ever starting and be better equipped to stop it from spreading.

Commercial fire training covers off on avoiding common causes of fire such as overloading circuits, keeping machinery clean and dry, avoiding faulty wiring and exposed wires and using electrical devices correctly. With fire safety training and regular fire equipment inspections and testing, your workplace will be well prepared in the event of a fire.


2. Employee Fire Training Keeps Everyone Accountable 

A key thing to remember about fire safety is that it is everyone’s responsibility. While there are dedicated fire wardens that take charge in fire emergencies, it requires a team effort for the process to be quick and efficient.

Employee fire training encourages everyone in a workplace to look out for each other, manage risk and stay accountable for each other’s safety not just for fires, but all emergency situations.


3. Fire Training for Staff Makes the Most of Commercial Fire Equipment 

As you are probably well aware, there are many regulations in place regarding the maintenance of essential fire safety measures in a workplace. From fire extinguishers and alarms to fire hydrants, sprinklers, hose reels and exit lights, there is a lot of equipment at your disposal in the event of a fire.

But do the employees in your workplace know how to use fire extinguishers and the fire protection equipment? Having it becomes almost redundant if staff don’t know where fire equipment is, when they should use it, what to use and how to use it.

With the help of our expert fire training team, your staff will learn how to identify different types of fires, such as electrical, chemical, gas etc, and get to know which extinguisher to use and how. Our fire extinguisher training for employees is comprehensive and practical and vital for workplace health and safety.


4. Workplace Fire Safety Training Reduces Emergency Response Times

As a business owner or manager, making sure your staff are properly trained on how to quickly respond to a fire is of the utmost importance.

All employees need to not only know what they should be doing if it were to happen, but they will also need to have adequate practice on working together to stop it from spreading and advancing.

With our personalised workplace fire training, staff will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on drills in order to quickly recognise, assess and respond to different fire emergencies unique to your building or site.

Employees will get acquainted with the business fire safety plan and route, learn how to activate the fire alarm as well as go over the evacuation processes and contacting emergency services.


By booking in workplace fire safety training with Betta Fire Protection, you’ll equip staff with the practical skills and knowledge they need to prevent and respond to fires, keep each other accountable, use fire safety equipment correctly and ultimately protect people and property. We also offer dedicated fire warden training too!

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