As the winter chill settles in, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of your property against the risks of fire. Whether it be an office, a residential building or a restaurant, it’s important to take proactive measures to prevent fires and stay prepared.

  • Ensure Smoke Alarms Are Up to Standard

Smoke alarms are your first line of defence against fire emergencies. Make sure your property is equipped with smoke alarms in compliance with Australian standards. Smoke alarm testing should be carried out annually by a professional to ensure they are functioning correctly, and batteries should be replaced as per the manufacturer’s instructions. You should test your own device each month and notify a professional if you notice the smoke alarm isn’t working.

  • Create and Practice an Evacuation Plan

Prepare and communicate a detailed evacuation plan for your property. Identify primary and secondary escape routes, clearly mark emergency exits, and ensure they remain unobstructed. Conduct regular drills with occupants to familiarise everyone with the plan. Remember, practice makes perfect in emergencies!

  • Maintain Fire Protection Equipment & Systems

If your property has fire protection equipment or systems, such as sprinklers or fire extinguishers, ensure they are regularly inspected and maintained. This can be easy to forget if you’re a busy manager or property owner, so we have a range of preventative maintenance packages to suit your budget and simplify your fire safety. Our team of accredited practitioners will conduct routine inspections and servicing as per Australian regulations so you can be confident your fire protection equipment and systems are compliant and in working order.

  • Reduce Electrical Hazards

Winter often means increased reliance on electrical appliances. To reduce the risk of electrical fires, avoid overloading power outlets or using extension cords as permanent solutions. Regularly inspect electrical cords and replace any frayed or damaged ones. Also, unplug appliances when not in use, and never leave them running overnight. We offer dedicated test & tag services so you can ensure your electrical appliances are safe.

  • Be Mindful When Using Heating

When using space heaters or open fireplaces, take extra precautions. Keep flammable objects, such as curtains or furniture, at a safe distance. Don’t leave heating devices unattended, and always turn them off before leaving the property or going to bed. Also, ensure the fireplace chimney is clean and well-maintained to avoid chimney fires. It’s important to regularly inspect heating appliances to check for any faulty connections, leaks, or signs of wear and tear. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

By following these key tips, you can significantly reduce the risk of fire during the winter months. Remember, fire safety is everyone’s responsibility, and taking proactive measures can save lives and protect valuable assets. Don’t compromise on the safety of your property and occupants—stay fire safe this winter! For all your winter fire safety needs, call Betta Fire Protection today on (02) 8669 9100.