Lift Maintenance and Fire Safety are Two Very Different Things 

By now, you’re most likely aware that new legislation was introduced on July 1, 2020, that makes it compulsory for your Annual Fire Safety Statements to be signed off by an accredited CFSP (Competent Fire safety Practitioner). 

But have you been made aware that the new legislation also includes a section regarding the endorsement of emergency lifts? Yes, they too must also be endorsed by an accredited CFSP and if not, building owners may risk getting fined. 

The problem, of course, is that lift maintenance companies are not just geared up to have accredited CFSP staff to do this. Understandably, it’s just not their core competency and many have baulked at the idea of endorsing fire safety measures, so a specialist third-party will now be required to step in. This is where Betta Fire protection can help. We make it easy:  

  • Our accredited CFSPs (Competent Fire Safety Practitioners) are legally able to sign off on your lift maintenance
  • You can continue using your trusted lift maintenance company without having to worry about switching providers
  • While we are not able to handle your lift maintenance (we leave that to the licensed professionals), we can review their service records and ensure that they are in line with the required fire safety standards

Betta Fire Protection can also endorse the following components of emergency lift maintenance from your preferred supplier: 

  • Elevator Emergency Lights
  • Elevator Emergency Intercom and Alarm
  • Fire Rated Lift Landing Doors 

Why Choose Betta Fire Protection to Endorse Your Emergency Lifts? 

  • Peace of mind – tick the compliance box to ensure there will be no fine from the council.
  • Both Strata Manager and building owner alike can rest assured that an experienced, accredited CFSP is signing off in compliance with the new legislation. 
  • Your emergency lifts endorsement will simply be included in your existing annual fire safety inspection 
  • You get all of this for an attractive nominal fee

Would You Like to Know More? 

If you would like to find out more about this service, then please get in touch with Betta Fire Protection today on (02) 8669 9100 and ask us about adding an accredited CFSP endorsement for emergency lifts to your Annual Fire Safety Statement.