Fire doors are a key part of keeping your building safe. They help stop fire and smoke from spreading and give people more time to get out safely. At Betta Fire Protection, we’re here to help you understand everything about upgrading and replacing your fire doors. 

Think of a fire door as your building’s protective shield against fire and smoke. These essential safety features are available in a range of materials – from steel and timber to galvonised steel – each tailored to meet the specific requirements of different buildings. Upgrading your fire door is a key step in maintaining compliance with building regulations and standards.

Should I Repair or Replace My Fire Door?

When it comes to fire door maintenance, deciding between fixing up an old or damaged fire door or upgrading to meet current regulations isn’t just about a fire door replacement’s cost – it’s about safety. You have to consider factors like fire resistance, material quality, and compliance with regulations. Sometimes, a small fix is enough. Other times, a complete overhaul is needed.

A door manufacturer establishes a door’s fire resistance level by sending a sample for furnace testing in a laboratory. Following this, all doors must be manufactured and installed precisely as in the initial test. While door hardware like locksets, closers, and seals can be replaced if they break or wear out, damage to the door itself cannot be repaired and necessitates a replacement. Even if a hole is filled with fire-rated material, it alters the door’s construction from the tested sample, rendering it non-compliant.

First Step: Professional Inspections

Before you make any decision, you need to get your fire doors inspected by a professional. For reliable AS 1851 fire door inspections, we provide exceptional service with highly skilled technicians and competitive inspection packages, ensuring your fire doors meet all safety standards. 

When to Consider Upgrading Your Fire Doors

Knowing when to replace a fire door is key. Regular testing and inspections by qualified professionals can determine if your current fire doors are up to standard or if they need replacing. Signs of wear, damage, or non-compliance with current standards are clear indicators that it’s time for a replacement.

Repairing Fire Doors

Got a fire door that’s looking a bit worse for wear? Sometimes, all it needs is a new seal, a fresh coat of paint, or some minor hardware adjustments. But, if you spot major issues like distorted or corroded frames or damaged or delaminated door leaves, it’s time for a replacement.

Betta Fire Protection: Your Fire Door Experts

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