As we step into a new year, it’s the perfect time to look at the new fire safety reforms in NSW rolling out over the next couple of years. With 40 years of experience in fire safety expertise, we’re here to guide you through what these changes mean for you.

These incoming fire safety reforms in Sydney and greater NSW will impact anyone involved in the design, certification, and maintenance of fire safety measures in buildings. From building owners to fire safety professionals, everyone in the NSW property sector needs to gear up for these changes.

Fire Safety Reforms: What’s Changing and Why

The NSW Government is introducing these reforms to tighten up compliance with fire safety regulations. The changes include:

  • Enhanced Review Process: Fire and Rescue NSW (FRNSW) will have a bigger role in reviewing fire safety designs, especially the non-standard ones.
  • Independent Checker Assessment: Before buildings are occupied, an independent checker will now assess newly installed fire safety measures.
  • Standardised Documentation: Expect streamlined and standardised documentation, making it easier to keep track of fire safety measures.
  • Mandatory Maintenance Procedures: There will be specific procedures for maintaining fire safety measures, based on the Australian Standard 1851-2012.

The rollout of these fire safety regulation changes in NSW began in February 2023 and will continue until 2025. A key change that’s already been in place since August 2023 is the use of a standard template form by the NSW Government for Fire Safety Schedules.

​​It’s also worth noting that anyone maintaining essential fire safety measures in class 1b-9 buildings must do so in accordance with procedures in the Australian Standard 1851-2012 Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment, where the maintenance activity is addressed by the standard.

Why Are These Changes Being Made?

The goal is clear: to improve fire safety in buildings across NSW. By tightening the review and certification process, the NSW Government aims to make buildings safer and reduce fire risks. These changes are specific to NSW, so businesses and individuals must stay informed and compliant.

When Should You Start Preparing?

When it comes to fire safety, you shouldn’t leave anything to the last minute. While 2025 might seem like a while away, it’s never too early to start prepping for these new fire safety regulations in Sydney and NSW. The second major phase of these reforms kicks in from February 13, 2025, or 18 months after an accreditation scheme is approved.

By then, owners must use an accredited person to certify fire safety measures and include this information in their fire safety certificate. You can learn more about the 2025 fire safety reforms in NSW here.

Get Set for Fire Safety Changes with Betta Fire Protection

With our proven track record of compliance and proactive approach, Betta Fire Protection is well-equipped to help you navigate these changes. Whether it’s understanding the new standard forms or getting ready for the 2025 reforms, our certified fire safety practitioners are just a call away on (02) 8669 9100. Contact us today for compliance you can trust.