Fire Safety: What percentage of my property needs to be inspected?

Well, in short, 100%. A property can’t be reported as compliant if it has not been thoroughly inspected.

When ironing your work pants, you don’t do one leg and not the other. And when you’re filling a water bottle, you don’t just fill it half way. This same principle applies to fire safety inspections for your property. 

We will point out that there are some exceptions to this, but as a trusted fire protection company in NSW for over 40 years, we don’t believe in cutting corners and you should certainly question any CFSP who is willing to do only half a job. 

The exceptions

As mentioned, there are some exceptions. AS1851 requires 50% of smoke detectors to be tested each year, with some conditions:

  • Any device not tested needs to be checked the following year, so that no device goes more than 2 years between tests.
  • It is 50% of a zone, not the building. I.e. if there is one zone per floor, you need to test 50% of the device on that floor. You can’t do levels 1-4 one year, and 5-8 the next year as this would jeopardize the safety of the upper levels. 
  • All devices need to be visually inspected every year; this means making sure there aren’t visible hazards like exposed wires or broken pieces.

Thermal devices are held to the same standards, except it is acceptable to only check 20% and 5 years respectively.

Dampers are only required to have 20% checked per year, with a maximum of 5 years between inspection. If 10% or more of the tested 20% fail, all dampers need to be inspected.

Choose safety over convenience

Don’t just fall for the cheaper option, you should question the value of a service provider that is happy to say “80-90% is close enough.” This can mean you are liable should anything occur and it puts your property and anyone who resides there at risk. 

We have always emphasised that getting a job done right the first time costs far less than having to fix an easily preventable mistake. Sub-optimal operators and EFSM that aren’t maintained correctly is a major problem in the industry and does no property owner any favours financially or legally. 

We want our clients to have a ‘why not do it all if I have to do half anyway?’ attitude as opposed to just opting for the quick and cheap option, which may cost a lot more in the long run. 

Have an accredited CFSP do the job

Inspections might seem tedious, but they serve an important purpose in protecting precious assets, property and people, so we urge you to choose only an accredited and qualified CFSP to do your inspections IN FULL.

Here at Betta Fire Protection, we believe that compliance is about more than just ticking boxes; it’s about keeping property, possessions, people and pets safe, which is why we don’t do things by halves. 

As one of the most reputable companies in the industry, servicing NSW for over 40 years, Betta Fire Protection offers complete fire safety solutions with compliance that you can trust. 

Only accredited CFSP’s undertake inspections across commercial, industrial and residential properties, so if you’re looking to have your ESFM inspected properly,  contact us today on (02) 8669 9100.