Are you wondering how much fire protection costs? The answer depends on the building, location, regulations and maintenance intervals.

When considering the cost of fire protection, it’s important to remember that fire safety isn’t a set-and-forget process; it’s ongoing. From testing smoke alarms, pressure testing fire extinguishers and maintaining fire hoses and sprinklers to inspecting fire panels and upgrading outdated fire safety equipment, there is a lot that goes into it.

If you don’t stay on top of your fire safety, it can become quite the expense, particularly if you have to play catch-up on routine maintenance or get slugged with non-compliance fines by council. This is why we always recommend a scheduled maintenance program to keep the cost of fire protection servicing as low as possible.  

It’s worth mentioning that you often get what you pay for; while sub-par fire safety providers might be cheaper, they can cost you more in the long run. We see it time and time again in our industry where clients have chosen a cheap fire safety provider, only to be stung with non-compliance fines and having to fork out even more money to rectify the problem. Don’t fall victim to this!

There is no denying that the rising cost of living is adding strain to the back pockets of many Australians, and the cost of fire protection may seem like yet another burden. But here at Betta Fire Protection, we’re doing our best to continue providing our clients with value for money on their fire safety.

With rising inflation and ever-increasing interest rates, the cost of fire safety is inevitably going up, but we’re helping clients keep their fire protection costs down while upholding compliance thanks to our cost-effective fire service package solutions.

We understand your need for budget-friendly fire safety services, so whether you’re a Strata manager, business owner, landlord, government organisation or property manager, we have a fire safety service package to suit your budget and compliance needs.

We have Inspect & test, preventative maintenance and all-inclusive package options, as well as our base-level annual inspection-only package.

These easy and cost-effective fire safety packages you better control over your budget and provide complete peace of mind, so you don’t have to stress about keeping up with routine inspections and scheduled maintenance; we do it for you! 

Our contract plans are designed to keep your costs capped, much the same way a fixed-term home loan works to avoid the risks of rate rises.  So whether you are looking for commercial or residential fire protection service, Betta Fire Protection offers competitive pricing.

We value our clients and appreciate your ongoing support in these times. If you would like to discuss switching to one of our more cost-effective plans or want a quote for a fire protection services price, give us a call today on (02) 8669 9100.