Wondering when and how often to undertake workplace fire warden training? We give you all the answers to ensure your business complies with WHS and so your employees can be ready for anything. 

Workplace Fire Warden Training 

Do you have fire wardens in your workplace? If so, are they well-trained? When it comes to an emergency, having an ordered and organised approach is the best way to ensure a safe evacuation and fire wardens are the key personnel in these scenarios. 

Following protocol is one thing, but when panic sets in, having an elected person/s to manage the situation and keep building occupants cool, calm and collected is crucial. 

Despite what you may think, being a fire warden involves far more than putting on a hi-vis vest and pointing to the closest exit. It requires considerable composure under pressure and key skills to prevent and manage a fire. 

If you want to make sure your staff are capable of managing an emergency, a workplace fire warden course is the perfect place to start. 

Fire Warden Training Refreshers

So you’ve had your elected workplace fire wardens complete their initial training. What now? Well, just like a first Aid Certificate or Life-Saving Medallion needs to be renewed, so too does the training for fire wardens. 

Completing initial fire warden training is the first step to getting your skills up to scratch, but these skills can be lost if routine training refreshers are not undertaken. 

If it’s been more than 12 months since your fire wardens have undergone training, it’s time for a refresher. 

Fire warden training refreshers are designed to recertify fire wardens and chief fire wardens and make sure they are up to date with the skills and knowledge necessary to continue performing the role of a Warden within an Emergency Control Organisation (ECO). 

Both the Betta Fire Protection fire warden course and training refreshers are delivered by industry experts and comply with the Australian Standard (AS) 3745 2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities and is personalised to suit the specific requirements of your workplace.

Participants will be able to learn and re-familiarise themselves with aspects of emergency preparedness and understand human behaviours during emergencies to assess risk and effectively plan for all types of emergencies in the workplace.

By ensuring your fire wardens and chief fire warden undertake fire warden training and annual fire warden training refreshers each year, you’ll make sure they’re always ready to respond quickly and effectively in an emergency. 

Commercial fire warden and chief warden training enables the elected staff to:

  • Understand Chief Warden and Fire Warden’s roles and responsibilities
  • Be aware of emergencies that could occur
  • Follow specific emergency procedures 
  • Pre-plan for emergencies
  • Respond to threats  
  • Co-ordinate evacuations 
  • Use appropriate firefighting equipment and systems
  • Communicate during emergencies
  • Manage risk & hazards 

Through theory and practical scenarios, participants will feel confident in handling fire emergencies and managing evacuations should the need arise. 

If you’re looking to keep your staff and site safe, contact Betta Fire Protection today to enrol your team in our commercial fire warden training. We will customise the fire warden course to your specific premises and cater to most group sizes, so call us on (02) 8669 9100 to book in or request a free quote.