Over recent weeks during lockdown, there has been some confusion amongst our clients and inconsistency in the messaging from the industry and government about whether routine maintenance and testing of fire equipment was considered essential.

Following approaches by FPA Australia, the NSW Minister for Health and Medical Research, the Hon. Brad Hazzard MP, has approved the continuation of fire protection and safety work in residential buildings during the lockdown.

In an amendment to his Public Health Order, the Minister included ‘fire protection and safety’ as a reason for people to visit places of residence in Greater Sydney.  This means that routine service work can once again be carried out in all building classes.  

For those interested in seeing the rule in context, the relevant subclause of the updated Public Health (COVID-19 Temporary Movement and Gathering Restrictions) Order 2021 is 22A (4B)(b)(ii).  This rule is now in force. 

The amendment follows on from the Government’s move to include ‘fire protection and safety’ as authorised work for practitioners living in the Canterbury-Bankstown, Fairfield, and Liverpool local government areas, allowing them to leave the region for work purposes. 

Given that fire safety equipment needs to be working in order to save lives, maintenance is just as essential as repairs. 

Betta Fire Protection continues to operate and provide routine maintenance, emergency repairs and endorse AFSS to ensure people and property are protected and EFSM are compliant.

We would like to remind our clients that we continue to operate in accordance with COVID-19 guidelines to protect both our team and our valued clients.

All Betta Fire Protection staff strictly abide by an approved COVID-safe plan. This includes:

  • Sanitising hands before and after each unit/job
  • Wearing a mask indoors at all times
  • Field staff are getting tested at least once per week 
  • Stay at home if we have any symptoms

It is important to remember that fires don’t go into lockdown. 

While it’s entirely within a client’s rights to delay inspection or repair, we are obligated to inform clients that there are inherent risks and liabilities from not conducting maintenance of essential fire systems on time.

We are happy for works to be postponed, but please keep in mind that: 

  • People and property are at risk if the fire systems don’t work in the event of a fire, so be sure to reschedule maintenance with us as soon as possible so you can stay compliant. 
  • Not submitting an AFSS on time can result in fines being issued to you from the council. We certainly don’t want that to happen, so make a note of when your AFSS is due and ensure that you reschedule with plenty of time to spare in case any maintenance or repairs are required. 
  • We will make every effort to complete the works at a later date, but please bear in mind that there will be a backlog, and we need to plan within our capacity.   

Where you have agreed for us to carry out the service, we would appreciate it if you could please communicate the importance of these works to all occupants in the building. 

If you have any queries regarding site access or our COVID-safe plan, get in touch with us on (02) 8669 9100.