We get this question all the time, “I’ve given you a work order to do the repairs. Why can’t I have my completed AFSS?”

The Annual Fire Safety Statement (AFSS) is a document that says the essential fire safety measures (EFSM) on a site meet the minimum performance requirement.

Therefore, if the need for a repair has been noted, the EFSM does not meet the minimum standard of performance until the physical inspections and repairs are completed.

Consider it like this; if someone says they are going to get fit – even if they have bought a gym membership and all the gear, it doesn’t mean you can pass them for the fitness test before they actually take it.

An intention to do the work doesn’t make the EFSM functional. Simply put, a fire is not going to choose to not rip through a building because there is a work order to repair the fire doors.

If the CFSP endorses a measure before it is compliant, the CFSP is risking their accreditation number, reputation and exposing themself to liability, and also leaving your property exposed to potential fire hazards.

A  building owner is responsible for the compliance of the premises and the safety of any occupants. Subsequently, it is part of you’re their duty of care to ensure all EFSMs are up to date and approved by a compitent practitioner. Failing to do so may mean they are liable for any repercussions resulting from a fire.

As with any industry, there are those who don’t follow regulations. While there may be a small number of CFSPs in the industry that are willing to endorse measures that are not compliant, this should not be a reason for the rest of the industry to follow suit.

We’ve heard “every other fire company we use does it!” plenty of times, but doesn’t that make you question the value of a provider that is willing to say it is compliant before it is?

If there are repairs outstanding, having a completed AFSS does not exonerate you from liability in the event of a fire.

To avoid putting our clients in a position where they feel they need to get a sign off be works are completed, we:

  • Schedule the annual inspection 2-3 months before the AFSS due date
  • If there are any defects, we aim to get the quote out in 48 hours (or include defects repairs into the annual maintenance package)
  • Send weekly reminders for any outstanding inspections of defects.
  • Once approved, complete any repairs within 2 weeks.


At Betta Fire Protection, we don’t cut corners. We do everything by the book and always have the best interests of both our reputation and your safety in mind.

Having operated in NSW for over 40 years, our AFSS’ are 100% honest, compliant and carried out only by accredited Competent Fire Safety Practitioners. So, if you want compliance you can trust for commercial, industrial or residential EFSMs, contact us today on (02) 8669 9100.