When you think of fire safety, what comes to mind? Chances are, not fire safety signage. But without it, fire safety equipment could be rendered useless, and the chance of escaping a fire is dramatically reduced.

Fire safety signage is critical in helping occupants to locate emergency exits, alarms, extinguishers and other safety features of your building and also clearly identifies where fire hose reels and fire hydrants are placed in order for the fire department to easily access them in an emergency.

However, fire safety signage is more than just putting up a big red sign on the wall; there are strict regulations for the style, type and placement of fire safety signage in NSW.

What fire safety signs do I need?

The specific types of signage and their placement will vary based on your building classification, size and purpose. However, these are the general fire safety signs that may be installed:

Fire Extinguisher / Fire Blanket Signs

Fire extinguishers and fire blankets are the first line of defence when it comes to fighting a fire. The location of fire fighting equipment, such as fire blankets and fire extinguishers, must be marked clearly.

Fire Hose Reel Location Signs

If your building has built-in hydrants and hose reels, the fire hose reels must be marked clearly, so that firefighters can quickly access them in the event of a fire.

Fire Alarm Signs

Fire alarm call points must be clearly marked. Ideally, there should also be a fire action notice indicating what the user of an alarm should do next and when they should expect firefighters to arrive.

Emergency Escape Routes

In NSW, it is mandatory for commercial and large residential blocks to have an emergency exit plan located at all key exits. This plan includes a map of escape routes, and identifies the assembly point as well as where emergency equipment is placed.

Emergency Telephone Signs

Usually, your emergency telephones will be located next to a fire alarm. However, if they are elsewhere, it is required that they be clearly marked.

Fire Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting

Emergency exit signs with directional arrows are the most common types of safety signs and are often required. Typically, most municipalities require escape routes to be marked with directional arrows. Emergency exits should be indicated, as should fire escapes for buildings that are multiple stories in height. Emergency exit signs and lighting come hand-in-hand because the emergency lights are not tied to the power grid; they can help illuminate exits and pathways even if a fire has damaged the building or smoke is making it difficult to see.

Assembly Point Signs

If your emergency fire plan has a designated assembly point for residents or building users, it should be clearly marked with a sign. This allows for a more controlled evacuation and ensures that occupants are able to get out of the building in a quick, orderly manner.

Fire Door Signs

Fire doors can serve two functions; one, as emergency exits for people evacuating the building, and two, to form part of the fire containment barriers that stop the fire from spreading through the building. Offence signage is important to inform occupants not to block or impede exits, not leave fire doors chocked open, or both.

Sprinkler System Signs

If your building has a sprinkler system, it is recommended that a sign indicating key systems, such as sprinkler valve shutoffs, the control centre and any other functionality that firefighters or building superintendents, be installed.

Hydrant Signage

Fire hydrant signage, in particular, the block plan, gives the brigade critical information about the hydrant system before they enter a burning building. This can include the location of the landing valves and pumps, as well as system flow rates and pressures.

Fire safety signage ensures that a building is properly protected and can make all the difference in an emergency.  Don’t risk improper signage; let our accredited fire safety practitioners manage your fire safety sign installation, compliance and maintenance. Get in touch with Betta Fire Protection, Sydney, today on (02) 8669 9100.

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