Maintaining fire safety compliance during COVID-19 restrictions

As protective measures to keep the community safe from COVID-19 ramp up across the state, we thought it best to keep communicating through this difficult time and keep you abreast of how we can help you manage your fire risk obligations. 

Our core responsibility at Betta Fire Protection is to keep you safe. We will always be here to protect you and your property.  The corona virus outbreak means we have additional health and wellbeing responsibilities for customers and our staff. 

Despite the current restrictions, maintaining essential fire systems and compliance with your local council under AS 1851 still needs to be done. There has been no change in regulation.

So what does that mean for you? 

Betta Fire Protection will work with you and the specific requirements of your property to ensure it remains compliant while observing all the required hygiene and social distancing protocols. You can read more here about our policies on COVID-19 outbreak


If you don’t want us to attend your site, please advise us with as much notice as possible and consider when you would like us to attend. We can:

  • Cancel the job and re-open it when you contact us, or just wait until the next scheduled service is due; or
  • Follow up on a date that suits.

Meanwhile, the NSW Government’s new accreditation scheme for Competent Fire Safety Practitioners (CFSP) will now go live on July 1, 2020, a postponement from the original go live date on April 6, 2020. This is a compulsory requirement for all contractors signing off on an Australian Fire Safety Statement (AFSS).

We can inform you that the FPAA has requested an update from the government regarding AFSS process fines should compliance requirements not be met. However, we have yet to receive further details. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Once again, please let us know if any of your staff have flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, sore throat, etc) so we keep our staff safe and work through a solution for your property.

If you are concerned about your compliance commitments or need to reschedule, please contact us ASAP on (02) 8669 9100. 

Meanwhile, please stay safe and healthy. We’re all in this together.

Kind regards,

Rob Newcombe
MD, Betta Fire Protection

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